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NAISA 2020 Conference May 7-9, 2020 Toronto, Canada

Artist Commissions

NAISA 2020 Artist Commissions are a way to bring people together, to share our stories, and to offer a bridge between arts-based disciplines and non-arts sectors. We recognize artists as important contributors to Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy and that by engaging artists we can help bring a meaningful sense of place to NAISA 2020.

The NAISA 2020 Artist Commissions are a chance to be part of something unique, to contribute to a lasting legacy of Indigenous scholarship in Tkaronto, and to engage our city as land in ways that are meaningful. We are excited to be offering 4 unique artistic opportunities as part of the NAISA 2020 program. More information about the NAISA 2020 Artist Commissions will be posted shortly.

We want to

be in good relation with lands, more-than-human and human beings while visiting at NAISA 2020 and beyond.

move beyond a static land acknowledgement and engage with Tkaronto in a way that is reciprocal.

build ethical kinship that extends beyond the meeting.