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NAISA 2020 Conference May 7-9, 2020 Toronto, Canada

Call for Sponsors

Water Supporters – ($75K+)

Earth Supporters – ($25K +)

Fire Supporters – ($10-25K )

Air Supporters – (Up to 9K)

Sponsoring NAISA 2020 Tkaronto is a great opportunity to show your support of Indigenous scholars, students and their works.
Your sponsorship of the NAISA 2020 Conference will also show your commitment to supporting Indigenous education, Indigenous community members and Indigenous cultural/knowledge exchange.
Contact us for more information on how your sponsorship will contribute to an enriching experience for NAISA 2020 Tkaronto presenters, facilitators and all of the conference guests.

Next Generation Supporters

Sponsors that support to cover child care cost

Expertise and Time

Community Supporters

Hosting Supporters

Community Advisors